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    In accordance with the Chinese Trademarks Law, the trademark can be divided intotrade-mark for goods, service mark, collective mark and certification mark.

    Certification marks indicates the sign which is controlled by an organization capable of su-pervising the goods or services and used by the entities or individuals outside the organizat-ion for their goods or services to certify the origin, material, method of manufacture, quality or other characteristics of the goods or services.

    Two or more natural persons, legal entities or other organizations may jointly file an pplica-tion for registration for the same trademarks with the Trademarks Office, and jointly enjoy the exclusive right to use the trademarks.
    A registrable marks is any visually perceptible sign capable of distinguishing the source of  a goods or service, including words, devices, letters, numerals, three-dimensional sign, and combination of colors as well as the combination of such signs.
    Registered trademark shall be distinct, and shall not conflict with any prior right acquired by another person.

    The following signs shall not be registered as trademark:

    1. Those which consist exclusively of a generic name, design or model of the goods in
         respect of which the trademarks is used;

    2. Those which consist exclusively of direct indications of the quality, primary rawmaterials,
         functions, use, weight, quantity or other characteristics of the goods in respect of which
         the trademarks is used; or

    3. Those which lack of any distinctive character.
         Signs mentioned in the preceding paragraphs may be registered as trademark if they
         have acquired distinctive character through use and are capable of being easily-    
         identified and distinguished.
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